Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Hoop



Our embroidery hoop craft will leave you amazed by what a little needle and thread can do! We offer a variety of colors and designs to allow for maximum creativity. If you are hosting a special occasion and would like a custom design, please inquire as we offer this option for an extra fee.


  • 9” Wooden embroidery hoop

  • Off white muslin fabric

  • Multiple color options of embroidery thread

  • Embroidery Needle

  • Multiple design options

  • Detailed instructions to help create the perfect embroidery hoop (we will email you a PDF upon purchase).

  • Daisy Club tips and tricks on how to host the perfect crafting party!

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Due to the creative nature of this project, your project may look slightly different from the one seen above. This craft is sold individually so be sure to count everyone in when adding to your cart.